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We provide a wide range of services in Property Management in helping Developer, JMB and MC to manage their properties.

operation & maintenance

pre-vacant possession

Financial Management


documents & data management

building condition inspection

annual / extraordinary general meting


  1. Regular building inspection
  2. Preventive maintenance planner and schedules
  3. Repairs and maintenance breakdowns
  4. Issue management & handling
  5. Insurance coverage advisory
  6. Advice & monitoring on upgrading works
  7. Legal advise on tribunal and other related case
  8. Conducting AGM & EGM
  9. Building rapport with Committee members


  1. Produce of monthly management account
  2. Manage maintenance fund (current account)
  3. Manage sinking fund (Fixed Deposit)
  4. Computation of maintenance fee
  5. Projecting of financial record with annual budget
  6. Prepare annual financial budget
  7. Review monthly expenses and payments
  8. Setup new bank account (from Developer)
  9. Funds migration & allocation


  1. Full common area defects inspection
  2. Produce building inspection report
  3. Facilitate handover upon formation of JMB/MC
  4. Setup in-house management office SOPs
  5. Back-up related drawings and plans