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We provide a wide range of services in Property Management in helping Developer, JMB and MC to manage the property.

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Examples of deliverables

Managing a property is a complex process which requires coordination and people skills, as well as heart and passion for a property under our care. What’s special about Allied is that we stand ready to answer your queries any day of the week regardless of holidays or weekends, facilitated by your friendly and professional Building Manager/Management Office. While the following list describes some of the common services we deliver, we ensure that our corporate culture and mottos are infused in each of the functions we carry out:

  • Advice on the formation of the Joint Management Body (JMB) and Management Corporation (MC) in accordance with the law
  • Formation of the Property Management Team, including the recruitment and selection of the Operation Manager and operational staff
  • Risk management and insurance management advice
  • Ensuring rapport as well as continuous monitoring and feedback with residents and/or end-users of the property
  • Other services as required and mutually agreed with the JMC (Joint Management Committee) and/or MC (Management Council)
  • Coming soon!
  • Annual budgeting and cash flow forecasts, including advise on revenue and expenditure patterns
  • Monthly and annually collection rates
  • Collection strategies based on the real-time circumstances
  • Provide annual account report during Annual General Meeting
  • Provide monthly account updates during MC Meeting 
  • Information-system management for accounting and credit control
  • Information-system management for accounting and credit control
  • Information-system management for operation and community
  • Advice on property management innovations – for example, electronic feedback surveys, and incorporation of technology into corporate information systems
  • Building Audit Report, including the initial M&E report, as well as regular monitoring reports on the management of the property
  • Supervision and management of subcontractors, procurement and selection of service providers through the principle of best value which balances both cost and quality considerations
  • Ensuring rapport as well as continuous monitoring and feedback with residents and/or service providers of the property

Incorporating our corporate culture and mottos

As a conscientious property manager, it is Allied’s responsibility to ensure that our client’s estates are always well taken care of and that promises are delivered. With a team of well-trained technical experts, we consistently make sure that our clients’ estates are always in a good state so that the owners, residents and tenants will stay with peace of mind. This is in line with our motto of adaptability – we understand that the needs of each estate are unique and serve different purposes, whether it is a lifestyle commercial mall, a hi-tech green office building, an inner-city condominium or a countryside bungalow estate. “Adaptability” requires us to listen to the client, understand their needs, and achieve their objectives. We believe the core values of Allied enhances the clients’ experience, rather than impose a fixed mould of doing things – therefore, what we do builds toward lifestyle enhancement in both our residential and commercial properties.

We manage the full and comprehensive range of facilities as required by the properties under our care; these facilities include Security & ICT Controlled System, Wi-Fi Internet Access Point, Community Access Web Portal, Water Filtration System, Periodic Preventive Maintenance, Sports & Children Area, Fitness & Sauna Room, Management Office, Lobby, Concierge & Lounge Area, Administration and Supervision of contracted services such as security, cleaning, landscaping, elevator, electrical, and pest control. As much as possible, these operations are integrated in either a technology-based system, or through a systematic operating procedure executed by our staff. At the same time, we believe it is important to live sustainably within our environment, whether it is the landscaping, pest control or organizing recycling activities. We believe in both evolution and innovation which is guided by lifestyle enhancement – here, our operating procedures are “systematic” rather than “standard” because it evolves according to client needs, and it is innovative because we offer practical suggestions on new ways of doing things to enhance the lifestyle of the occupants in an estate. Due to the usual trade-off between cost control and product enhancement, we believe in offering innovative win-win solutions to problems which are often seen as difficult or even insurmountable to the average property manager.

We were there, been there, DONE THAT!

As mentioned in “About Us”, we have experience not just following the handover of the property, but also as project management partners with property developers in ensuring the setup of the facilities and common areas are on the right track. For example, we assist developers to write up renovation guidelines, house rules and set up the facilities area not only in accordance to their obligations stated in Sales and Purchase Agreement and Deed of Mutual Covenants, but also adhere to our motto of living sustainably and innovation to help the property evolve into a place of lifestyle enhancement, as there are people and processes supporting the success of the physical property. Hence, we are highly involved in the early stage of a development and rendered valuable comments to developers who care for the end users’ comfort and long-term relationships. We vet through their building plans and give our inputs from the end-user’s point of view.